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Abeka Third Grade Curriculum for Homeschool

Abeka 3rd Grade Language Arts Book

The Abeka Language 3 workbook
gives your children a variety of practice exercises as they
start their structured study of English. Your child will benefit from
basic skills instruction that will develop their critical thinking abilities and help them to express their thoughts correctly in writing and speech. Third graders will learn to use correct capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, and word usage in their writing.*

Children will have practice in identifying nouns and verbs. they will also learn how to recognize synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms. Dictionary skills are taught and students can improve their writing skills through journal entries and creative-writing exercises.

The Abeka Language Arts for 3rd grade also includes books for Cursive Writing and another for Spelling & Poetry.



Homeschool Tips for Abeka 3rd Grade Curriculum:

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A thorough review of the facts and concepts students learned in Abeka Arithmetic 3 starts with a review for what was learned in 1st and 2nd grades. This is to make sure the basic foundation is understood before introducing new material. Your child will have a lot of instruction and practice in multiplication and division incluing word problems with up to four steps.

Abeka Math 3rd GradeRoman numerals are covered and students are taught how to average numbers. Other key arithmetic concepts that are included in Abeka Arithmetic 3 are standard measures, equations, as well as and adding, subtracting, and reducing fractions. With Abeka Math programs, you child will be continuing review throughout the year so that all concepts are learned exceptionally well. There are also as well as supplementary problems provided that are designed to allow you to individual instruction and practice that fits your child.*



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170194 Grade 3 Language Arts Child Kit
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163023 Grade 3 Arithmetic Child Kit $22.15
163031 Grade 3 Arithmetic Parent Kit $104.25:
104515 Arithmetic 3 $15.90
138991 Arithmetic 3 Answer Key $21.50
104531 Arithmetic 3 Tests and Speed Drills $6.25
104558 Arithmetic 3 Tests and Speed Drills Key $11.00
104876 Homeschool Arithmetic 3 Curriculum $30.00
188751 Classroom Coins—New Edition

104728 Our American Heritage $15.15
105643 Our American Heritage Answer Key $9.00
104744 Our American Heritage Quiz and Test Book $5.75
104752 Our American Heritage Quiz and Test Key $11.00
104779 Our American Heritage Map Skills Book $5.85
104787 Our American Heritage Map Skills Key $11.00
104892 Homeschool History 3 Curriculum $11.00

104612 Exploring God's World $15.15
105759 Exploring God's World Answer Key $9.00
104647 Exploring God's World Quiz, Test,& Worksheet Book $5.75
104655 Exploring God's World Quiz, Test, & Worksheet Key $11.00
104884 Homeschool Science and Health 3 Curriculum $15.00

104663 Health Safety & Manners 3 $12.75
105708 Health Safety & Manners 3 Answer Key $9.00
104698 Quiz, Test, & Worksheet Book $5.75
104701 Quiz, Test, & Worksheet Key $11.00

The Abeka Bible Curriculum and supplements for 3rd grade included too many materials to be included here. You can see the book choices, many are optional, at

There are also materials for 3rd grade art and music if you want the complete program.


*For more information on Scope and Sequence for Abeka 3rd Grade, see the complete information at (3rd Grade)