Abeka Curriculum for homeschool The Abeka Curriculum remains one of the most widely used homeschool curricula to this day. When the homeschooling movement began in earnest in the 1980s, Abeka was one of the few comprehensive curricula available for homeschool families. Now there are many more choices, but even so, Abeka remains extremely popular among homeschoolers.

The colorful workbooks and texts follow a traditional method of teaching and are evangelical Christian in outlook.(If you have already chosen Abeka for your family, click for best buys on used Abeka curriculum.)

These are some of the reasons for Abeka's popularity:

1. Abeka is a Christian curriculum. :)

For many, homeschooling is a choice made so that parents teach their children from a Christian perspective and with courses in Bible.

2.  Abeka offers a challenging program that is generally considered to be a year ahead of public school material. :)

3.  Abeka offers detailed teacher plans that are very helpful to a new homeschool parent since you don't have to wonder how to teach something, or worry that you don't know enough about teaching. This is a very big plus to beginner homeschoolers. :)

Now it is important to note that no curriculum is right for all for every family. When you consider which homeschool curriculum is best for your family, you must take into consideration how you like to teach, how your children learn best, what you want your school day to look like..also, what will your children like best. If they like the lessons, they are likely to do better than if they don't like them.

Some of the reasons people don't like Abeka include:

1.  Abeka is a Textbook/Workbook curriculum. This may not be the best format of learning for some. I have 4 sons, all of whom learned much better through hands on activity mixed in with reading aloud together and sprinkling in written lessons. We used Konos Unit Studies because of its wiggle appeal. To contrast, my daughter really enjoyed workbooks and written work. This is just to say that Abeka's textbook approach may be great for some and terrible for others. Just be aware and try to gauge what your children would respond best to.  :( or  :)

2. Abeka may be difficult for some. As noted above, one of the advantages is that Abeka is challenging. That accelerated aspect of Abeka may overwhelm some students (and parents). Remember that students learn individually, at their own speed. :(

3.  Abeka curriculum was written mainly for a classroom situation and at some points, it doesn't seem to fit the home teaching environment. :(

4.  Abeka text editions change often - more than once I have had to search diligently to find a workbook that went with an older edition when it was no longer being sold through the Abeka website. This is because we pass down homeschool books to the younger children and prefer to stick to older texts rather than buying a new edition. :(

Financial Considerations:

1. Abeka is expensive.   :(
2. You can find used Abeka at discount.  :)

For savings of up to half of the retail price, click used Abeka curriculum. For other places to find used Abeka curriculum, see links in the sidebar.

3. Abeka is usually easy to resell.   :)
If you intend to sell your used Abeka, have your children write their work on a separate sheet of paper rather than in the workbooks or textbooks. Another thing we have done to save consumable books is use plastic sheets (from the office supply) . Have the children write with watercolor markers that can be rinsed off at the sink.

Other places to save money through buying  Used Abeka:

Best Homeschool Buys This is my first homeschool site which has helped thousands of homeschoolers find discount curriculum. It offers an organized listing of the new and used homeschool books for sale at auction.

Homeschool Classifieds is a site that I have had very good success with. It is a great place to buy or sell used homeschool curricula and books. It is well organized in a table of contents MENU at the top.

Homeschool Curriculum Swap is one of the oldest swap sites that I know of. There is no charge to use the site to find homeschool books, but there is a small charge per quarter to list items for sale.

There are many Yahoo Groups for the individual homeschool curricula that offer a forum for listing items for sale.

Buy  new:  Abeka's Website

Abeka first grade books

Abeka First Grade Books

The following video offers a  little more information on the Abeka Curriculum: